YTD - April 2022


This is the first of many business updates and we'll get feedback and improve as we go. If you have any suggestions and recommendations, we’d love to hear from you.

<aside> 💡 Quick reminder on why Dweet exists; We're on a mission to build the first talent marketplace dedicated to fashion & luxury and this is because we truly believe flexible working has the power to transform brands and enable people to live life on their own terms.


👋 Quick note from the founders

We kicked off 2022 with our second year of trading. Last year was about establishing Product-Market-Fit, whereas this year is about completing the foundations that allow us to scale.

So far, we're focused on optimising the building of the supply side of our marketplace (our Talent Community); this has been going well and you’ll see some metrics to highlight this below. For the demand side of our marketplace (our Client Accounts) our focus has been on welcoming anchor brands into our ecosystem, serving them well, and learning in the process. We also have some great examples of this to share. We're not yet optimising for client acquisition or revenue, we’ll shift the focus to that later in the year (Q3 onwards).

Our main challenge, which is also a significant growth opportunity, at the moment, is to convert a higher ratio of Client Opportunity requests into Talent Bookings. This is down to two factors; our current community size and stage in product development. Our product roadmap priorities and acquisition strategy will drive significant improvements in this area, so this is a predictable challenge but still important to call out.

📈 Key metrics at the end of April 2022

Below are some of the key metrics we are measuring to date. As we automate more processes via the Dweet platform, there will be an increased focus on product-related metrics, which we’ll share in the future Business Updates:

💎 Customer-focused updates