A short note from the founders

May was intense and exciting for the Dweet team: we held our first all-hands meeting in London (but more of that later) as we continued to plough on with our priorities and made some significant progress across Product, Branding & Marketing and Community.

The recent growth of our team is really starting to make a difference. With every new hire, we can see the momentum spiraling upwards as execution on multiple fronts happens in parallel, un-reliant on the day-to-day execution of the founders. You know how that saying goes: hire smart people, give them what they need and get out of the way. Getting there.

💎 Our Community

Here are a few highlights from May:







👋 Welcoming Seb & Draża!


Sebastian “Stachu” Sojka

Full-stack web developer leaning toward backend and databases with passion for exploiting his scientific mind for data manipulation and algorithms.

50426096003_e2be5f65ac_o 3.jpg

Mateusz “Draża” Drażyk

Full-stack web developer who likes non-trivial problems, breaking them down into smaller pieces and creating simple and elegant solutions for them.

🥳 First all-hands Dweet impreza

The Dweet all-hands meeting (now named “Dweet Impreza” in honour of our Polish Engineering team) gave us the opportunity to bring everyone together in London. We hosted the Dweet team, now 19 strong, who joined us from the US, Poland, France, and the UK.

Team relationships are the building blocks of a strong culture, and core to what we value at Dweet. We celebrated this moment and built real bonds. As a team, we took the time to look back at our journey so far, our vision going forward, and the priorities for the year.

It was a fantastic day and we know we are well set up to achieve some amazing milestones thanks to these lovely folks.